Lease to Own

Purchase a Home Through Lease-to-Own Programs

In partnership with Home Partners of America, K & R Home Transitions in Castle Rock, Colorado assists home buyers who might not have the down payment or credit to make a purchase.

If qualified through Home Partners of America, we will be able to help you find a property. Through its lease-with-a-right-to-purchase program, Home Partners of America will purchase the property and you will lease it until your credit has been prepared or you have the down payment (for up to 5 years). You can then purchase the home from Home Partners of America with a 60-day notice.

What It Is

The Lease to Own program is a wonderful program designed for those that want to begin the path to home ownership, but perhaps might be finding difficulty in the traditional real estate market.

Who It's For

Perhaps you still need to tweak your credit, maybe you want to “test drive” home ownership, or you have recently relocated and aren’t quite sure of the community you want to permanently call home.

What It Does

This program makes home ownership a reality for many because it gives you a clear path to home ownership by allowing you to find a home that you want to rent initially, but may also like to buy in the next one to five years.


There are many households who may be thinking about buying a home, but for whatever reason would like to rent at the current time.

How It Works

You can lease the home for five one-year terms, and you may purchase the home at any time at a predetermined price.


Of course, you have to qualify for the program and that is something we can help work with you to do. Call us today to learn more.


Generally NOTHING as the Seller pays our fee!

Give us a call TODAY!

Give us a call TODAY!

Generally nothing as the Seller pays our fee!

It is your sanctuary.

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