Military, First Responders & Health Care

For all you do, we want to give back.

Whether buying or selling, we want to make your journey a little easier.

Discounted Comission

We offer a discount on our commission that can help towards a large portion of your closing costs.


As Military Relocation Specialists, we understand your unique needs and benefits. We can help you with your housing transition.

VA Loans

If buying, we have lenders that specialize in Veterans Administration loans (VA loans) for active and retired military that can get you attractive rates on your home loan.


Once an offer is made, we negotiate on your behalf, we keep you to your dates and deadlines and find the additional partners needed to inspect and make sure you are comfortable with your purchase.


Generally NOTHING as the Seller pays our fee!

Give us a call TODAY!

Give us a call TODAY!

Generally nothing as the Seller pays our fee!

It is your sanctuary.

Are you ready to start your journey?  Call us today!

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