Seniors and Their Adult Children

At some point in time, you may begin to wonder can I (or my parents) continue to live in the current living situation?

K&R Home Transitions is here to help.

Having gone through the journey of aging parents, caring for them and ultimately losing them, we understand the emotional, physical, and financial strain a transition can cause. You don’t have to travel this path alone! K&R is here for all your Senior Related housing needs.

Full Support

As servants of the Senior Community and their Adult Children, we have put together a team of resource providers to help you through your transition.

Live In Place

As a Certified Living in Place Professional, we can help you identify areas in your home you might want to address to make it safer and accomodate any physical needs.


As Senior Real Estate Specialists, we understand the unique needs of Seniors when selling and purchasing a new home. We have the partners that can help identify the right living situation.

Inheritance Assistance

If you inherit a home, as Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists, we can help you navigate the home preparation and sales process through probate.


What about costs for housing remodels, medical needs, nursing care? K&R has those partnerships as well to help you identify what resources are available to you.


K&R has also developed various guides to help educate you on various housing related issues. For more information on our guides, please get in touch with us.


Generally NOTHING as the Seller pays our fee!

Give us a call TODAY!

Give us a call TODAY!

Generally nothing as the Seller pays our fee!

It is your sanctuary.

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